Thank You

Thank You

This started as a Facebook post to say thanks and bye but it got a bit out of hand…..

Sunday felt VERY emotional, the first tears happened around 10am when my friend told me she was going to cafe 33 for brunch. I realised I hadn’t been recently and wouldn’t get to go before I left, meltdown number 1 ensued.

After I had been cleaning for 6 hours and was trying to rush back to beccles to drop off 10 boxes before emptying the rest of my flat the tears started bubbling for round 2. Those emotions always get you when you’re alone in the car the little scallywags.

I couldn’t believe what people had done for me and wanted to do for me to help me move out. Offers of moving boxes, coming round to clean for me, a Range Rover so I could move the bed out of here. Offers of use of Loft space, garage space, summer house space. Offers to come and collect said boxes rather than me dropping them off…. why are you all so wonderful?

And then the mind wandered it wasn’t just help with the flat, but pure gratitude for the most amazing friends and family I have in my life. People who choose to spend time with me, look after me and put up with me when I’m tired and grumpy.

The numerous leaving do’s the thoughtfully written cards, the 100’s of dollars, the funny books, the notebooks, the cuddles that I pretend I hate but love more than anything in the world. The well wishes, the countless banners, the leaving dinners, the G&T’s (and that one accidental JD and coke) the glasses of wine, the blow up crocodiles, kangaroos, snakes and sharks, the Kylie minogue face. All of the pictures and all of the effort.

The weekends away, the London trips, the curries, the chineses, the love and laughter.

The Messages of reassurances in the middle of the night when I’m feeling vulnerable and wobbly and debating whether to just pretend to go and instead hibernate at my parents for the year whilst photoshopping my face onto pics in front of the Sydney opera house.

To the countless people telling me I’m brave and stronger than I think. For the kind words that will resound in my head when I want to turn and run away, that I need to trust myself and believe in myself.

So, thank you each and every single one of you, I will never forget the way you’ve made me feel. 

As as I bid farewell and start my new adventure I can’t offer much to each and every one of you in return, but I can promise I will have all the adventures and will keep you up to date on my socials. Actually I will probably annoy you with how much my face pops up.

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  1. Becky
    March 2, 2019 / 4:45 pm


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