The Fashion I Wish I hadn’t Left Behind

The Fashion I Wish I hadn’t Left Behind

So here I am having a lovely evening and I suddenly remember that wonderful bright fuchsia pink vintage pink blazer I had in 2009 and it hits me hard, it hits me real hard, why did I get rid? I wonder what happened to said blazer, is she ok hun? Has she met another gal or lad to love her as much as I did…. or is she no more (RIP pink blazer). It got me thinking about having a little moment to remember the delightful gals I left behind.

The Blazer

Unfortunately although I know I looked sassy as fuck I can’t find a single picture of me in the pink blazer, but it was phenomenal and I’m sure if you ask any of my friends they would agree. No lie it was the brightest pink you ever did see with a textured stripe and very 80’s black buttons. I think I finally gave in and got rid when the lining had split so much there was just no going back. On the topic of blazers I also donned a wonderful faux snakeskin number, which I picked up from New Look for a mere £7 and that lass did me well too.

The Red Cardigan

Yes, you’re correct, you can hear me sobbing about said cardigan. For gods sake it is every 2017 blogger cliché going right about now, all I would need is some autumn leaves and a Starbucks pumpkin spiced latte to finish off the look. If you can hear my red cardi, I’m sorry, please come back in my life. In reality it probs got too bobbly for me to wear out in public. Pretty sure it was from RI (my fave shop from 2006 – 2012) which is ironic because it looks like it’s been reincarnated, although sold out in every River Island in the land. PS clearly 2011 Ashleigh liked to coordinate her cardi with her cocktail and also her hair.

red cardi.jpg


The Floral

I feel like I’m actually mourning this whole outfit rather than just the floral element. That hat was A OK, and the dress gave me all the feels, especially with that cute peter pan collar, although I’m 146% sure there’s no chance that dress would go over my outrageously sized tits nowadays anyway. Now lets take a minute to talk about those sunnies (found in a random box a few weeks ago) I wanted these Ray Ban’s for a seriously long time, I’m not really sure where I first saw them, but I used to go on Ebay every day to see if anyone was selling that specific style. One day I got lucky and secured them for £56 **vintage barg** I wore them to death, to actual death, they broke in 2 different places and Wayne superglued them, when they broke again I finally admitted defeat and put them back in their case and hid them away. Even when I found them a few weeks ago I debated bringing them back, but knew they were far too broken to get away with it, hoe hum.

Real true life I’d also wear this in adult version of this cute little number – bow included.


Things I’m Glad I Left Behind

The Office Girl (Not so) Chic

Not really sure what got into me, but I went through a stage in 2007/2008 when I thought that going for office chic was the most fashion forward move I could make. Complete with waistcoat, yes you heard correct, waistcoat. I’d make it a bit saucy with a neck tie (variations included polka dots & skulls, edgy) or some dangly earrings or a bit of diamonte (or all 3), but the basics were the same. Crisp white shirt, waistcoat, glasses and a pair of black jeans….. literally kill me now. This look is staying firmly in 2008. **Note the invisible eyebrows**



The Anal Beads

Not actual anal beads but they might as well be, look at them, LOOK AT THEM – not ok hun. Who the bloody hell thought it was a clever idea to stick a collection of different sized plastic beads round their neck…. oh yeh, I did. See ya later anal beads, you need to stay in the bedroom, not round people’s necks. I have to say Prue Leith off of GBBO is still trying to rock that look….. just because the beds are expensive and different colours, doesn’t mean it’s acceptable Prue. I have to say my hair is also a delight in this picture and those wonderful bangles.


All in all, I’ve lost some gems along the way, but as I am a bit of a hoarder, most things still I’ve at mum and dad’s house….. because who knows when office girl chic is going to back in fashion?

Have you got any wonderful items of clothing you wish you still had or anything you’re so glad got left behind?


  1. OlenaRosanne
    October 30, 2017 / 1:04 am

    Omg you are so funny. I thought I was the only one who thought about all the clothing I’ve gotten rid of that would look great now!! The 80’s was so fun and colorful! Great post!

  2. Corinne and Kirsty
    October 30, 2017 / 9:10 am

    I got my first blazer when I was 17 and have been wearing them ever since! Floral is amazing! Love that trend too! xx corinne

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