Review: The Ivy Brasserie, Norwich

Review: The Ivy Brasserie, Norwich

The Ivy has been a well established restaurant in London for glitz and glamour since 1917. I visited THE Ivy around 10 years ago and was in awe of the attention to detail, service, the wonderful decor and of course the food (The sticky toffee pudding is in my top 3 of all time).

When they started popping up everywhere I was slightly dubious as to whether it was take away the novelty of visiting the Ivy on a special occasion, however making it more accessible can never be a bad thing right?

When I heard the Ivy was opening in Norwich, I did a little skip, hop and a jump because I just kept thinking about the dreamy brunch options. I made it priority to get myself down there to sample the wonders and my birthday was the perfect excuse.

We put on pretty dresses and turned up the beautiful building on London Street in the centre of the city.  We were warmly welcomed and shown to our luxurious green velvet seats, yes, I would have tried to steal one if I could have got it out of the place unseen.

The Decor

The decor was just absolutely stunning, completely in theme with the art deco vibe of the Ivy, but with touches of Norfolk artwork, vintage prints and wallpaper based on the Norfolk Broads. I would have every single item in my flat and would go as far to say that it was perfection.

The Ivy, Norwich – Photo credit @theivynorwich Instagram


The cocktail list was extensive and everything sounded so delicious I struggled to choose. I finally decided on the Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumble because:

A) It was made of all of my favourite things

B) It was in a high glass so I knew I’d get more for my money

The girls both went for the candy floss fizz, which looked stunning and tasted just as good.

The Ivy, Norwich – photo credit @theivynorwich Instagram

The Food

With menus to suit every mood, at any time for every occasion, you are not stuck for choice. We chose our meals from the main menu, but they also offered a set menu available Monday-Friday 11:30am-6:30pm which had some tasty options and you could dine on a 3 course menu for £21.00.

A special mention goes out to the salt crusted sourdough bread with salted butter served warm, yes warm so all the butter melted into the lovely loaf, it was all my carb dreams come true. I had the Chicken Milanese served with an umptuous truffle and parmesan sauce, I have to admit it was the sauce that swayed my decision. We also couldn’t resist ordering a side of the creamed spinach with parmesan and pine nuts and the parmesan and truffle fries….. can you tell I’ve got a thing for parmesan and truffle? The sides were the star of the show for me and I could have happily eaten 14 side dishes as my main course.

We didn’t even contemplate dessert we instantly started the intense deliberation session on what wonderful sounding dish to choose. We all went rogue and obviously that filled me with delight because there was a chance I would be able to sample the gal’s choices as well as my own. I went for the creme brûlée one of my all time favourites and it was a delight, smooth and creamy, not too heavy and a lovely large portion, because I’m obviously a greedy little piglet. Princess Polly had the chocolate bombe and although very showy, the chocolate/caramel sweetness was sublime. Beth’s Blackberry Ice Cream Sundae looked divine and the shortbread was crumbly and all sorts of lovely.

The Conclusion

All in all it was a wonderful experience, our bill came in at a pleasant £45 pp which included, nibbles, a main course, sides, dessert and a cocktail ohhh and 12.5% service charge which I was more than happy to pay as the staff were so attentive. I’m VERY interested in a return visit to sample the brunch menu and the delightful offerings for the afternoon tea including truffled chicken brioche roll and creme brûlée doughnut. Grab your pearls and purse and get down there ASAP to get a slice of the action.


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