The Royal Wedding – The Outfits, The Highlights and the Tear Jerkers

The Royal Wedding – The Outfits, The Highlights and the Tear Jerkers

I was pretty excited about the royal wedding in the build up, but suddenly woke up Saturday all in a tizzy fizz of excitement. I put both legs in one leg hole of my knickers when going for a wee because I was so desperate to get back to the TV and missed my mouth when drinking my tea because I just couldn’t concentrate. I’m feeling a bit emotionally all over the place anyway at the minute but had cried about 5 times before 10:17am, because “oh god the flowers look so pretty” and “that little boy cares for his mother and is in his cadets uniform” and “oh my god she has found her prince and she is going to be so happy forever” and “isn’t this a step in the right direction for equality and inclusion” wahhh, wahhh, wahhh all the way home.

Everything about it was magical but obviously I got really giddy when people started to arrive, so I could of course run my *professional* critical eye over the best dressed…. sorry but imagine getting an invite to that wedding and having to find an outfit!! It’s bad enough when you get invited to Tracey’s wedding reception at the local community centre. I would probably have to send regrets because the stress in itself would probably send me over the edge.

Best Couple

How could it not be these two. George looked bloody dashing with his perfect white grey hair matching his suit. With touches of yellow that tied in with Amal’s dress like a match made in heaven. Amal looked simply stunning, pretty sure when I saw those two my jaw dropped and I just swooned for a little while.


Best Hat – Charlotte Riley

How could it not be the wonderful Charlotte Riley. Just coz I’m fancy I’m going to tell you all it’s by well known Philip Treacy and by god isn’t it beautiful. Perfectly different but still understated and perfectly picking out the colours in her dress. Bravo madame, you can come again.


Best Male – David Beckham

Obviously he is an adonis of the highest degree, but how could he not win best dressed male. Tails, check, waistcoat chain, check, sexy stubble, check, club masters, check…. every single person in the world drooling, check. He just does it so well, effortlessly well dressed. He also shook everyone’s hand and said hello to them (cutie)

Viccy B also looked A-OK but just didn’t quite hit the best dressed mark, coz Viccy, at least you get to go home with David every day.

Now which picture do I use when there are so many good ones.


Best Dressed Females

Lady Kitty Spencer

A Diana look alike Harry’s cousin Lady Kitty Spencer rocked up in a showstopper. A classy green number with just the right amount of floral and a perfectly quirky hat. We all know I LOVE colour and I love a colour clash even more so her accessorising with a bright orange bag and shoes was an absolute yes for me.

Abigail Leigh Spencer & Priyanka Chopras

Look at these visions. Abigail Leigh Spencer in a vintage polka dot dress is right up my street and works perfectly with Priyanka Chopras Pale, structured but YASSS suit two piece, the hat is what really makes it for me with this outfit. Meghan has got some very well dressed friends.

Caroline Greenwood

Last but not least this green number on Caroline Greenwood just sang out to me, because green and ruffles, need I say any more? Also you stick a pair of sunnies on with any outfit and you instantly go up to a 10, I don’t know why, but it’s just how it works.


Janina Gavankar

Oh my a late entry to the game. I’m rewatching the wedding and this beaut just had to be added to the mix. A fringed cape, A FRINGED CAPE! Stunning in burnt orange with the contrast on that massive black hat. It’s also vintage and we all know how I feel about vintage.


The “Not my Cup of Tea”

Now I’m not in the game for being mean, but all I’m going to say is just because you’re wearing Gucci it does not automatically mean you’re going to look good. Who wears a long cardigan dress thing to a wedding?

What Would I Wear?

Now we’ve been taking about this rather extensively in the ole group chat and my little Sar Sar has probably hit the nail on the head. A re-worked 50’s style dress with a big fuck off bow at the back…. maybe a low back. Paired with a veiled hat or a little pillbox number. I would obvs go for clashing shoes and bag and then once again Sar came through with the remark of a pair of cat eye, sunnies. YAS where’s our invite?

Other highlights include:

The fucking Veil of Meghan’s – you know what if you’re gonna be a princess have a 18 foot veil, because why the hell not?

The Horn Section – Wow that sound somehow made my eyes instantly fill with tears

The American Pastor – He loved God and mentioned it a few times and his passion and excitement made me smile. I’m sure the Queen was not loving life, but here’s to breaking tradition.

The Paige Boys holding Meghan’s train – Their jaws dropped when they got inside the chapel a look of “pure open mouthed joy” in the words of my mother

The Gospel Choir – Singing Stand By Me. Somehow I managed to sing along at the top of my voice whilst crying my eyes out, just call me multi-talented

I’m sure you have your own highlights and I’ve missed so many, so please let me know your favourite outfits and your highlights of the royal wedding.



  1. June 3, 2018 / 9:29 am

    I loved watching the royal wedding!
    Im the same being a *professional* critic of outfits ?
    My fave was seeing the suits cast dressed up ??

    • Ashleigh
      June 3, 2018 / 9:31 am

      They looked fabulous didn’t they? oh imagine being invited to a wedding like that ?

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