The Spending Ban

The Spending Ban

My spending is out of hand, it’s not a concern, it’s a fact, so I’m serious this time… 1 million and 4% serious. I get paid tomorrow and I am not buying any new clothes, shoes, bags or even cute £7 earrings because I want to start getting savvy and spending my money on other delights (and paying off my debts).

To help with my new role of adult I’ve come up with a little plan:

  • Don’t browse… whether it be in real life, on the internet or on an app, because it will only make you wise to all of the wonderful garms that could be in your wardrobe, but aren’t WAHHHH. Nobody wants to torture their self do they?


  • Do not open those emails, you know the ones. The one’s sent by ASOS, River Island, Office and all other clothing establishments. Delete them instantly, even if they say 50% off. DELETE, DELETE, DELETE AND DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK, I REPEAT, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK. As soon as you’ve clicked that link you’re a gonna…… don’t try and tell me I’m wrong!

And for every time I see something gold, sparkly, leopard print or just drop dead divine:

  • Do I need it? Yes heart palpitations may be happening because until right now I didn’t realise I needed light-up sparkly wellies (thanks Metro for highlighting these to me) but do I need them? I think we all know the answer. Agreed there are different levels of need – like I need a pair of Mom jeans because I haven’t got any, but I also don’t need them because I have 38 other pairs of jeans that are perfectly acceptable.


  • How much is it and could that money be spent better elsewhere? £35 Zara top (which is extremely similar to ones I’ve already got and unnecessary) or £35 on a theatre ticket or £35 towards a holiday or £35 off my credit card bill – My head right now is screaming Zara top, but heart is telling me flight to Budapest…. yes ATM they are about £35pp each way.


Wish me luck my soul sistas and if anyone want’s to join me in this near on impossible mission, this sister would love all the support she can get!


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