The Ultimate Bucket List

The Ultimate Bucket List


I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for at least 3 (now 5 because I’ve taken aother few weeks to write it) weeks, but, ya know, I work 50 hours plus a week and my social life is pretty hectic and my hangovers are pretty emotional so I haven’t….. honesty is the best policy, yes? 

I’ve probably been working on my bucket list for a few years, however there are some things on there that have just been in my dreams forever. The thought of actually sending them out into the internet for infinity is slightly scary, but I’m over it. 

There are so many things on it and the list is ever increasing so I thought I would break it down into categories, because who doesn’t like an orderly list?


Glastonbury – well this is a no brainer really, I’ve always wanted to go. The thought of being knee deep in mud, with some sort of glitter on my face and a ridiculously embellished bum bag gives me serious feels. I’ve never actually done anything about it before apart from wingeing that I want to go so this year I actually registered for 2017 tickets, let’s see what happens.

Coachella – this obsession started in 2014 and I think it was wholly due to my Millie mackintosh obsession and how amazing it looked, oh and how sensational her outfits were and how skinny her legs were (oh sorry that’s a side note). From then on I realised I NEEDED to go. Since then for those few weeks in March/April I’ve basically had to boycott Instagram, because I can’t handle seeing all the amazingness.

Edinburgh Fringe – Yes please, it is such an eclectic mix of shows and acts and a great chance to see some new talent. I need to stop fannying about and actually go next year, rather than talking about it.


Basically in a nutshell, I want and need to travel the world and hands down without sounding cliche, it’s the best thing to spend your money on, because of those god damn memories, although gold Chelsea boots can also create great memories, right? Some of these I’ve actually done, but there is a whole lot more to tick off.

Visit Vegas – tick  *insert sassy girl emoji here* – O.M.G bottomless mimosas, 24 hour casinos, Freemont street, flamingos, need I say any more?

Visit New York – tick. This was my 30th destination, but I’m just an impatient sort of gal and went 5 years early. I will be returning for my 30th with my mum (Mand) she’s already started saving….. I’ve told her I have too (I haven’t). New York is just so magical and I sort of feel like it’s my soul place, I could imagine myself being a New York City slicker sassing about town with my clicky shoes and my fur muff.

Mexico – tick . Mexico came at the end of the trip above (plus LA) and although it was the most beautiful place we did not make the most of it, we were so tired, too tired to even have a massage, that’s not a thing, surely?!!!!! so unfortunately I will just have to return and just tick off all the things I wanted to do: massage, coco bongos and swimming with the dolphins….. swoon

Visit Cornwall and take surfing lessons – tick. I once went surfing in Portugal when I was about 12 and bloody hell it was amazing. I have this weird memory, where I basically remember nothing, including my own name sometimes, but this moment really stuck in my head and I’ve wanted to do it again ever since. Mand used to go on and on and on about Cornwall and how amazing it is and it rubbed off on me, although I did think she was exaggerating (she’s that sort, god love her). We basically live in the Arse end of nowhere (AKA the most easterly point in the UK) so Cornwall is just forever away, so I’d never had the chance to go and Mand hadn’t been since she was a child. Cut a long story short we went last year after the most beautiful wedding at sunset in the Roman baths in Bath (dreamy). We explored everywhere and I just can not put into words how picturesque it is….. actually breathtaking and I can’t wait to go back – soon I hope.

Ps the surfing lesson was incredible and I actually stood up, sort of, I swear it was easier when I was 12.

Pps the weather was sooo good whilst we were there I felt like I was in the South of France, no lie.

Ireland – PS. I love you made this place seem all the more appealing. Fit men singing in bars with Irish accents, yes please. I also want to visit the Guinness factory because I love alcohol, ok?

Thailand – I have wanted to go to Thailand forever, my brother lives there and just goes on about how lovely it is ALL THE TIME. The pictures look amazing and everything about it sounds idyllic and guess what? I’m going next year because my bro and his GF are having a baby (YAY!) so I must go and meet the little thing as soon as its born. I will also take the opportunity to do a bit of travel, he lives in koh Samui, but I am also going to visit Koh Pagnan, Krabi, Phi Phi Islands and Bangkok too, EEEEEEKK! I’m seriously excited and I’m going to pretend I am proper traveller, I’m not even going to take a suitcase, I’m going to get a massive rucksack and live like a hippy for 3 weeks, I might even get dreads (LOL).


Lapland (at christmas) – Who doesn’t want to meet the real Father Christmas (and go husky riding)?

Italy – the whole of it, every single inch of it, I must explore. In particular, Sorrento, the Lakes, Rome, Florence and Pisa, I just want to absorb the whole place into my being. I can just imagine hiring a vespa, going down a cobbled street and eating pizza and pasta and drinking all the wine, if that is not heaven, what is? This is secretly my dream honeymoon destination, not that there is a wedding on the horizon or even a boyfriend and I suppose he would also have to agree to go there….. I’m sure that part won’t be a problem.


Afternoon tea at the Ritz – tick. Afternoon tea is my bae and this beauty was a 21st birthday treat and it was just perfect. I am slowly working my way through afternoon teas in the country, but this one was number 1 and probs won’t be beaten, just saying.

Harry Potter world – there are no words, I’m just desperately, desperate to go. Shall I tell you something sad? I refuse to look at anyone’s picture on social media of the amazingness of it as I just don’t want to ruin it ya know?

Watch a show on broadway – tick. SMUG. I’m obviously never happy and must see at least 10 more at some point in my lifetime. We saw Matilda and it was just so good, I love the theatre and anything musical theatre is my bae and this had such a feel good factor. Although a gin and tonic was about $15, excuse me, what?

Eat at a Michelin star restaurant – I’m a foodie and you can probably tell by the size of my jeans. Don’t get me wrong I also love a dirty dominos but I would just loved to be wined and dined at a Michelin star restaurant, I think I will save this for when I bag myself a nice, tall, dark, funny, generous, hairy man and he wants to treat me to all the food, but I CAN NOT WAIT to tick this bad boy off.

Swim with dolphins – self explanatory. Who the hell doesn’t want to stroke their silky smooth skin and give them a little kiss. IN LOVE

Party until the sun rises – tick. When I started his list back in the day this one hadn’t been done……. I’ve probably ticked this one off about 100 times now, just call me hardcore Hetty.

Learn to ski or snowboard – This is quite LOL because I am the clumsiest person in the world, but I just fancy it. I have to say in particular the aprés ski sounds pretty special, but who doesn’t love a hot chocolate in a hot tub??! My only issue is paying money to go somewhere cold, because I just associate holidays with all the sun.

Drive on Route 66 – I have a serious addition to all things America and this is just essential at some point. Ideally I would like to drive the whole of route 66, one day **cries into cup of tea and realises I will never earn above money to fund my champagne taste**

Go on Safari – I love animals, love, LOVE them and the thought of seeing a elephant in is natural habitat does funny things to me, one day, one sweet day this will happen.

Visit the Eiffel Tower – I have to admit that Paris doesn’t appeal me that much (apart from Disneyland) but I would love to see the Eiffel Tower and also, I do love a croissant.

Wimbledon – I’m not gonna lie I’m not really into tennis, buuuutttttttt, I just really fancy Wimbledon, probably because its so hard to get tickets (eye roll emoji). I can imagine the atmosphere would just be electric and I love strawberries and I love cream and I love champagne, so that basically makes it a no brainer.

See the Northern lights – This would just be dreamy, especially near christmas. It would be even more dreamy if I stayed in one of those igloo pod things with a clear roof, so you can basically lay in bed and watch the night sky. Anything that doesn’t involve me moving from my bed is a yes from me.

Go to the Races – tick. And oh my it was a delight. I was so so drunk (obvs) and spent so much money (obvs) but the atmosphere was amazing and I just loved admiring all the pretty ladies in their lovely outfits and sassy hats…. to be fair I didn’t mind looking at their men in their suits either.

Go Punting in Cambridge – I actually live quite close to Cambridge, but this fun little day out has never happened, maybe I can wait until I’m boyfriended, sounds like a pretty romantic place, I’m thinking Bridget Jones on the lake in the first film, obvs without the cheating boyfriend bit.

Material Things

Okay, I know I said life is all about spending money on experiences and travel, but seriously I feel like these items would just complete my life a little bit.

Vintage Chanel Handbag – Okay, this is pretty specific but I have wanted an over the shoulder cream, quilted, vintage chanel bag since I was in the womb…. I swear. I can spend hours looking at them on Instagram and just imagining how frigging great it would look on my shoulder. I feel that maybe I should set up a little chanel savings account and then when I have enough just buy one. Because outlaying that amount of money in one clean swoop is just obscene… isn’t it? and it would definitely be more than my whole months wage.

Christian Louboutins – Nude, peeptoe and patent to be exact, well to be exact the “very prive” design, however I wouldn’t grumble if a pair of “private  number” “lady peep” or the classic “pigalle” arrived in a box on my doorstep, beggars can’t be choosers ya know.

Have a Walk-in Wardrobe – It’s every girls dream, surely? Well, I need somewhere to house my vintage Chanel and my Louboutins.

Right now this one is probably the most important – get my dream job (once I know what it is) Don’t get my wrong, I actually love my job and I earn quite good money for a mid 20’s (basically late 20’s) gal, but it isn’t a job for life. I love fashion and would love to work in that industry, I’m thinking personal shopper, I’m thinking window dresser, I’m thinking international buyer, but the fact of having to take such a large pay cut and start at the bottom gives me the fear, and then what if I don’t like it?!? But who knows, maybe one day I will take that leap of faith. Or maybe I will just become a rich, successful blogger?









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