The ultimate Christmas accessories 

The ultimate Christmas accessories 

Christmas is coming, I can almost taste (well what I can actually almost taste is the port, pigs in blankets and cheese, all the cheese) The John Lewis advert has dropped and soon we won’t be able to go into any highstreet store without hearing Step into Christmas.

I AM ADDICTED TO CHRISTMAS….. and not ashamed to admit it. I am already debating getting out the christmas mug, although I may leave it one more week (or will I?)

As soon as December hits I am in full festive mode and that goes for clothes and accesories too, got to make the most of those tinsel trimmed items that only come out once a year. I thought it would only be fair to compile a list of the best christmas items about at the moment to get you feeling all the festive feels, enjoy:

Not on the High Street – Prosecco ho ho ho Jumper £29

No christmas is complete without a (tasteful) christmas jumper and this one is a delight. Prosecco and Christmas, a match made in heaven


Asos “Baby it’s cold outside” Cross Body Bag £25

It is sparkly and christmasssy and cute – need I say anymore?


River Island Cream Metallic Knit Pom Pom Handwarmers £13

These babes don’t neccessarily scream christmas (as much as the others) but definitely scream delightful. Bit of a bargain too at only £13


Topshop Tinsel Shoes £46

Well, I’m not going to lie they aren’t for everyone are they…. but they are a bit of me. I NEED THEM…. URGENTLY


Cath Kidston Velvet Hair Clips £6

Channel your inner Christmas in the 90’s vibes for these lovelies. I’m envisaging myself as a 4 yearold in my pretty party dress (probably also velvet) rocking these bad boys. Would look cute with any christmas outfit….FACT

Velvet bows.jpg

Asos Christmas Sprouts pyjamas £32

I tried to stop this from being toomuchof an asossy post, but I just couldn’t resist – they have so many delightful christmas items, 2,344to be precise. Fun and christmassy, a neccessessity.


Topshop Christmas Socks – 3 pairs for £8

Everyone needs at least 31 pairs of christmas socks….. one for every day in December obvs. These ones are my personal faves, but the glitter ones are also to die for, peeping over a little chelsea boot.


Asos Cactus Christmas Phone Case £8

On trend and still snazzy as Fuck and only £8. No more ASOS I promise!


Let me know if you have found any christmas babes that I need toknow about or if youhave anyold favourite that you bring out every year.


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