Things We Should Bring Back From The 90’s & 00’s

Things We Should Bring Back From The 90’s & 00’s

After the delightful Friends revival on Netflix, it really got me thinking about those way better times that were the 90’s and 00’s where you were a young fresh thing, where Trump wasn’t President just turning up in random movies, where Brexit wasn’t even a thing and where the world seemed a happier and less violent/scary Place. I don’t wish to scare you, although in your head the 90’s was 10 years ago…. 1990 was 28 years ago, 28 YEARS AGO. There’s so many things that would be so much better if they were still around today:

Groovy Chick

And actually the whole Bang on the Door collection. Funky Girl bed spread, yes please. Groovy Chick lunch box, yes of course. Obvs the bedroom had to be kitted out in full, including wallpaper border, pink/purple paint and the speciality in my bedroom was a glitter paint overlay, you heard it here first.Groovy chick

The Spice Girls

Because yeh, I may be 28 and love Little Mix, but nobody can compare to our gals. The first girl power movement and although all pretty and skinny, they were all individuals. Ps. Further 90’s insight, I always wanted to be Posh Spice whenever we went to Spice Girls parties (yes, they were a thing), but because I had jogging bottoms I always had to go as sporty, eye roll. Pps. If you know me, you know I’m as far from ‘sporty’ as you can get.

Kappa Poppers

I begged for a pair of these…. probably hence why I was forced into being sporty spice. I had a white and navy pair, with a matching zip up hoodie of course. Pretty sure I also begged for some Sketchers or Nike Air’s to achieve the full chav look.

Sassy Phones

Phones are so boring nowadays right, where as in the 90’s it was all about the sass. I remember one Christmas Eve laying in bed crying, because I was scared I wouldn’t get a Nokia 3310 for Christmas, no fear though guys, it was in Santa’s sack. I also had a wonderful Pink Motorola Razr, flip phone, no lie if they were still available I’d certainly be rocking one of those sassy beasts rather than my basic bitch iPhone. Other delights included Blackberry’s, the full nokia range and that teeny tiny slide up phone that was only really suitable for the borrowers. Let’s not forget the phone charms too, ranging from high heels to lipsticks, you were nothing if you didn’t have a charm attached to your phone.


HOW WAS IT SO SHIT, BUT YET SO ADDICTIVE. I’ve got something awfully embarrassing to admit, I played on snake so much I used to dream about it. In my dream my snake would do the perfect loop and manage to fit the whole screen. Every day I would wake up with excitement and determination in my eyes and every day I would be disappointed that my dream didn’t come true, however I was still pretty good at it.

Tooth Gems

Yep apparently they made us cool…. on reflection you just looked like you had something a bit sparkly stuck in your teeth.

Girl Talk & Sabrina’s Secrets

Because how are you going to survive without your weekly fix of plastic toys that have a loose magic theme, posters of ginger gerbils, and witchy word searches…. no one will evert know. Once you were older you got to buy something a bit more saucy like “mizz” including future like “How Rubbish Are Boys?” we don’t need a quiz to answer that honey. The cooler ones get their magazine fix through “Smash Hits Magazine” but i wasn’t even going to pretend I was cool enough for that.

Inflatable Everything

Because what else are you going to read your Girl Talk magazine on? A Purple inflatable chair of course, with matching footstool and an inflatable handbag to finish it all off.

Inflatable Sofa


As a gal who has NEVER had sky, How did I survive once they stopped playing it on channel 4 instead of the Simpsons, every day at 6pm, right before Hollyoaks, that there my friends was the dream. Rewatching it on Netflix has given me a whole new lust for their fashion, male and female and how did I miss how good looking Chandler was the first time round? Hmmm maybe because I was about 8 when I was watching it.

The Olsen Twins

I’m pretty sure every girl wanted to be them. It made you long for a twin sister to go on crazy adventures with and to have flicky blonde hair and wear chokers. My Favourite programme was “So Little Time” and it holds a dear place in my heart (I can still sing the whole theme tune) Other stunning hits included “It Takes Two” and “New York Minute”.

Dale Winton

Now where has that babe gone…. my days were so much peachier with the tangerine hues of Dale Winton blessing my screen. The ultimate in game show hosts and Supermarket Sweep will forever hold a Place in my heart, you can still get reruns on Challenge TV don’t you know *smirky face*


Saturday Night TV

Blind Date, Gladiators, The Generation Game, Bruce’s Price is Right, Popstars and Popstars the Rivals – yes I listened to Hear’say’s album on repeat, because I was just that cool sorta gal.


Now you weren’t a 90’s or 00’s kid unless you had a toy that was kind of a living thing. Sea Monkeys were a bloody dream and I’m actually still a bit confused as how they work/live? So if anyone can enlighten me,  hit me up in the comments. Another firm favourite was the Tamagotchi, which was just impossible to keep alive unless you were feeding it under the desk in class (think of it as a days gone by iPhone). We also got a bit obsessed with those weird squishy alien things didn’t we? Not really sure of the purpose, but I was determined that If I rubbed two of them back to back for long enough it would give birth to a baby alien…. surprise, surprise that didn’t happen!

Tammy Girl

Because where else were you supposed to buy your fluorescent Thongs (that you pulled up over your jeans so all the boys could see it)? The only place to buy your staple wardrobe of slogan tops, skousers (a skirt over trousers) and those baggy combat trousers with all the strips of fashion coming off them, AKA Octopus trousers.


Of course all the best things have been revived (apart from Dale Winton) – what were the things you miss from the 90’s and 00’s?



  1. January 20, 2018 / 10:26 am

    Literally YES to everything! I have so much love for this post. The squishy aliens and rubbing them together how were we all so gullible? xx

    • Ashleigh
      January 20, 2018 / 10:34 am

      Thanks Lauren, It was lovely to have a little delve into my 90’s and 00’s memories, they were good times xx

  2. January 29, 2018 / 6:45 am

    Omg I love love love this post!! Just everything in it is spot on haha I felt like I was a kid again reading it! Kinda miss having my weekly dose of girl talk!! Brill post, thank you! xx.

    Rebecca |

    • Ashleigh
      January 29, 2018 / 7:52 am

      It was such a fun one to write, I agree it really made me miss my childhood. Xx

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