Too Lazy to Be a Blogger?

Too Lazy to Be a Blogger?

Probably yes, the end. Now to post the blog without taking any photos, spending little to no time on content, and then just sit back and expect the millions of views, comments, shares, adoring fan emails, blogger mail, an email asking me to fly to Bali all expenses paid and ASOS on the blower straight away practically begging me to do a paid collaboration with them….. oh it doesn’t work like that!? Hmm, Moderately to extremely annoying.

When I started blogging it was due to an urge to write down all of the thoughts that were overflowing in my head, I posted it with a few photos, written in a conversational manner and it gave me a feeling of pure elation. People read it….. probably because people are nosey, but still people clicked on my link and it felt good.

Since that date I’ve continued to write, never regularly, never following a strategy and never sticking to a schedule (some months I write a lot, some months I seldom write anything) and this is all because this is meant to be something fun for me to do, a release, a hobby and a creative outlet for some of the thoughts that have to come out of my head. I want my writing to be organic and not force myself to write about shit. In return I am proud of most of my blog posts because they come from the heart or I talk about things I’m passionate about ~fashion~.

I would love to be a blogger, a real life blogger. Quit my job, work from cafe 33 every day eating poached eggs on toast and get sent lots of pretty parcels to open, however this shit is hard work. Writing words in a blog nowadays is just not enough. You need to have a masters in photography, not be a complete an utter technophobe, be able to afford a blogworthy/instagrammable lifestyle, be a social media buff, a marketing guru, an entrepreneur, a photoshop queen, a marketing magician as well as being able to write a bloody blog post and guess what?!!?! I’m extremely rubbish at most of those things and I’m not sure I can keep up. Oh, and I’m also lazy.

I work damn hard at my actual real life, pay the bills job so when I get home all I want to do (and do, do) is slathe. I Have a bath, cocoon myself in my dressing gown and watch Ru Paul all night, leaving the sofa only to either make food, get a drink or go for a wee.

I try and do all the little bloggery things as well, I try and tweet and keep up with my Instagram stories, I get Emily and mum to take sort of blogger outfit photos and I join in with all the twitter chats, but that cookie just ain’t enough. I lack that brazenness to just stand in the middle of the cobbled streets of Norwich and pose for a photo, a photo I need to enhance my blog and give me a better chance to succeed, because I worry what people will think, or say, or do. I also lack the confidence to agree to attend events, put myself out there, try and meet up with other bloggers, because my anxiety and fear of rejection holds me back and although I don’t want it to, it does……

Since blogging I’ve had a bit of a reality check, I love my writing and I love doing it, so will continue to do so, but I need to reassess whether I need to up my game and put in the time or effort or just consider bumbling along being satisfied that I love to write and **I think** people like to read what I’ve got to write about.

If you read my blogs and have any tips of what would make my blog more readable/appealing and what topics you like me to blog about, please let me know. I’m always open to ideas, I’m not saying I’m gonna listen but I wanna know what you lot what to see. I mean if you want me to spend £500 at ASOS, then I’ll try guys, anything for you.

Now if only I had some sassy blogger photos to insert into this post, hmmmm, annoying.



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