UK Gin Experiences

UK Gin Experiences

Yes yes oh yay, hip hip hooray and halle bloody jujah gin is taking over the world….. and yes I may have a small part to play. I stand by the fact that gin was my bae before it got all fashionable. I remember proudly waking up hungover one sunday and bold as brash shouting to my mum that I’d found a new best friend the night before….. GIN. This was when I was about 19, I spent the whole morning lolling at myself, whilst she kept muttering about it being the “mothers ruin” I scoffed at her and said how bloody lovely it made me feel.

Cue 7 years later (god time goes quickly) and look where we are, gin is everywhere and I thank my lucky stars for that every day. Gin has become such a thing theres gin related places popping up all over the places and here’s a run down of some I MUST try:
Gin bus Tour

Scuzzy, I need to go on this right now, 5 samples of gin, 5 cocktails and a bus ride to each bar, what is not to like, I dare you to try and think of a reason not to go! It’s pretty steep at between £63.50 – £73.85 but you can’t put a price on happiness, right? Buses currently cruising around London, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh
Make your Own Gin – Plymouth Distillery

If you’re heading to Plymouth anytime soon, you must take a trip the the Plymouth distillery to not only have a tour, but also make your own gin! It’s a steal at £40 and last for 2.5 hours and did I mention, you get to make your own gin!
Gin Hotel – The Distillery

There is a God – A gin hotel. Location Notting Hill – Portobello Road, therefore we’re talking big bucks to stay here aren’t we? But wouldn’t it be lovely? Quite concerning that there are no prices…. just an enquiry form. I suppose if you have to ask, you can’t afford it. 3 boutique rooms which all look delightful, but if you can’t afford to splash out a stay they also have a bar and serve food. With over 100 gins and delightful looking cocktails the perfect place to stumble into after a bit of Portobello market shopping (or pastel house instagrammable picture taking) Can someone take me please?
Gin Festivals – All Locations across the UK

Popping up all over the pace are gin festivals…. and I’m not complaining. A perfect opportunity to small a small price to sample some fantastic gins and sometimes you get a snazzy glass to takeaway with you! Get some friends together go out for a little something to eat first and really make a might out of it, you won’t regret it, I promise. You might regret the hangover though.
Enjoy wading your way through these gin filled experiences and if you’ve been anywhere great that’s gin related Let me know.

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