What happened when I Thought About Doing Veganuary

What happened when I Thought About Doing Veganuary

I’ve changed the title 3 times, which proves how well veganuary went for me, previous versions were as follows…..

  • “What Happened When I Did Veganuary”
  • “What Happened When I Sort of Did Veganuary”

Let’s just take it back a bit. It’s the 18th December I have already managed to eat my body weight in cheese, bread and crumpets. I’m already craving a smoothie and a plate of veg and it’s not even Christmas week yet, therefore I’m already thinking about January.

I really fancy a challenge to remind myself that I’m a strong, independent female with willpower as strong as Lady Liberty herself. Obviously I decided I can’t give up drinking again for a month, because that was a bloody nightmare. You can read about those escapades in Stoptober and Why Alcohol is Good For My Soul so I decided going Vegan would be the next best thing.

I of course couldn’t make a decision myself whether it was a good idea, so did what I do best and put a poll on Instagram. It was met by horrified messages from my friends exclaiming that I couldn’t possibly even think about betraying them in such a way……. it did make me think that it was probably a bit of a stupid idea.

I thought about being ‘flexible’ with it and just being vegan in the week and having all the bacon and eggs at the weekend. I then started worrying about how that would affect my improving relationship with food. At the moment I’m really trying to practice eating intuitively and I wondered if having set days of being vegan it would make me binge on non-vegan days and make the vicious circle start all over again.

The whole thought of what to do left me in a ridiculous pickle.

Happy new year came clearly the last thing on my hungover mind was plant based meals. I kept refreshing Deliveroo from about 11:01 to see which places were open for me to order food from. I settled on a massive chicken and bacon burger #vegan and proceeded to eat my way through butter, cheese and milky cups of tea all day.

Day 2 – Of course in true Ashleigh style I was completely and utterly unprepared. I spent all day wingeing that I was soooooo ravenous that I might die and the only vegan thing in the office was fruit, which definitely didn’t fill me up. Mand had made me a dahl in the evening and she is a bae and it was delish.

I’ve found the first 2 days hard, Bacon rashers are now my friend as not only do they taste wonderful (and also bacony) they are vegan.

Day 4 – Decide that a diet of bacon rashers and PB and Jam on toast probably isn’t that much of a good idea. It’s very far removed from the 14 fruit and veg vegan Thai curries full of deliciousness and nutritioness that I thought I’d be eating/making. Decide that maybe one day a week of Veganuary is more up my street.

Day 9 – my manager buys me a sausage roll, I mean, I’m not mad about it, proven by the fact I ate said sausage roll in approx 4 seconds and felt no remorse. Couldn’t be arsed with the I’m kind of not eating meat at the moment conversation.

Week 3 – The week of sausage rolls. I’m not sure why but I’ve been craving the pastry and the porky goodness. Maybe I can use panto as an excuse because I’ve been so busy and barely having 5 mins to eat let alone cook and most supoermarkets have a shit veggie sandwich selction and a pretty much non-existent vegan one. All that aside I’m still trying to be 80% veggie but the sausage rolls are severely affecting that meat:veggie ratio.

Week 4 – Sorry vegan what? Veganuary is well and truly out of the sodding window and can’t say I’ve even though about it. Probably ate meat every day this week too…… nothing to blame it on or use as an excuse just other than the fact I have completely forgotten I’m meant to be cutting down on my meat, fish and dairy consumption.


I will never go vegan.

My mum is so ace at making vegan food.

It’s not that hard to try and eat 1 vegan meal a day or do 1 vegan day a week…. although I’m quite aware the above sort of makes you think otherwise.

Sometimes it’s good to reassess what you’re putting in your body and make a conscious effort to cut down on a few things.

Eating a diet of fruit and veg and beans and lentils causes a lot of back entrance noises.

Sausage rolls or bacon rolls will always break you, sometimes you have to just give into them.

Bacon rashers (the crisps) are vegan, make the most of it

Being ‘vegan’ is an excuse to eat all the carbs

Feature photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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