Velvety Monday Motivation

Velvety Monday Motivation

We’ve suddenly had an explosion of velvet and due to my ridiculous obsession of all things flamboyant I am loving life.

Obviously never satisfied with just 1 thing, last week 2 items of velvet delciousness were purchased (both by my mother because she loves me unconditionally and I love her more).

The one I’ve featured today is a dreamy little number from Next £20 and it was bought under the guise of wearing it for all those C word events (I mean Christmas, not anything else!) but I slipped it on Sunday with a pair of jeans and leather jacket and it felt pretty special…. and not that I like to boast, but ever single one of my friends commented on how nice it was, and I’m sure the babies would have done too, if they had learnt to speak yet.

The colour is perfect and makes it look quite luxurious (and not £20 from next) not that there is anything wrong with £20 from next and as proven it could work as a day or night outfit. *smug face*

They also have it black, but as you know, I don’t wear black, bitches.

I’ve hit you up with the link in case you feel the need to BUY BUY BUY


Shoe boots – New Look £22.49 in the sale
Jeans – River Island – not on website, but probs still avail in store?!
Jacket – River Island – last years
Necklace (my pride and joy) – Tiffany *Swoon*

Earrings – Vivienne Westwood – you can’t even see them but I love them, ok?






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