Wanderlust – The Brighton Edit

Wanderlust – The Brighton Edit

I’ve been back from my little jolly to Brighton for 2 weeks now and thought it was about time I let you know where we went and how much of a delight it was. I used to live reasonably close to Brighton and have visited a few times, so I knew my mumma would love it and to be honest there is something for everyone really!

Where to Stay 

We stayed at Grey’s a delightful guesthouse about a 10 walk from the pier and 15 minutes walk from the lanes. It was very reasonable £85 per night and included breakfast, which I have to say was a bloody delightful spread and set us up for the day.

We also looked at loads of cute places on Air BnB, but I got so stressed out trying to set up my profile….. you have to scan on a photo of your passport **eye roll** that I just gave up and we went for the simple option.

If you’re splurging I’d highly recommend Snooze Hotel. The sassiest, quirkiest hotel you ever did see. Think garish, think leopard print, think kitsch. You can actually get a double room on a weeknight for £95, but to stay in the real good rooms (the suites) they will set you back £175 per night at the weekends…. although this does include breakfast.

One thing I will say is parking is a flipping nightmare in Brighton, think car parks are in excess of £23 a day! so would recommend going for a hotel that can offer you a visitor parking permit at an additional cost. Works out cheaper and in general is less drama!

Where to explore

A visit to the Royal Pavillion is an absolute must. I have to admit I am a architecture geek and I love wandering round large old buildings, but this place is phenomenal and finding out about the history is a delight (yes, I’m pretty aware I’m sounding like an extreme saddo right now, but I don’t care!). I particularly enjoyed drooling over the chandeliers and interiors and one of the chaise’s is in the same material as my window seat, MY WINDOW SEAT IN THE FLAT! Entry is a steal at £13 and we spent a good 3 hours exploring! If you don’t fancy going in you can admire it’s beauty from the outside and sit in the large gardens and enjoy a picnic or a little glass of prosecco, or both.

You can’t go to Brighton without a stroll down the pier. 2p machines, doughnuts and a heater skelter, what more can you ask for! When lit up at night it looks magical and I could stand for hours in the daytime just watching the sea beat against the sand. And of course, it’s great for blogging photos, no you’re a cliche.

Where to shop

The Lanes are the perfect place to mooch and browse and of course purchase. Down winding cobbled streets my advice would be to just wander and let you feet take you on an adventure. A visit to choccywhoccydoodah is recommended if you love chocolate, the things they do with it is insane! The amount of jewellery shops are enough to make me want to get out a loan and drip myself in all the diamonds. There is also a wonderful mix of vintage, eclectic and random gifts, street markets and lots of general tatt, which we all know is my favourite.

There’s also a wonderful collection of high street shops, that made me go weak at the knees, I’m talking Cos, All saints, Jo Malone and Kurt Geiger, droooool.

Luckily for me we stayed just around the corner from Brighton and Lewes Flea Market (31a Upper James Street) which you NEED to go to! A cornucopia of rooms, trinkets in every nook and cranny and so many things that I just had to buy for my flat as they were so reasonably priced! I bought a naughty corner sign and a pink and gold framed photo, because I didn’t;t choose the stagey life, the stagy life chose me. It will look perfect in the neon disco hallway.

Where to eat and drink

Wow, oh wow, The plotting parlour is a must for anyone going to Brighton and wishing to partake in the sport of cocktail drinking. A weird and wonderful mix of cocktails from around the world. Mother had a something very exotic with a mix of ophir gin, turmeric, life leaf, masala chai, lime and mango, which was very moorish and I had some sort of lemongrassy, ginny delight (basically a posh gin and lemon fanta) but it was bloody delicious.

One of the wondrous things about Brighton is wherever you walk you stumble across some wonderful independent restaurants that spill out onto the road, which just creates a lovely atmosphere. We stopped for a quick bite at Infinity Foods Kitchen and boy were we impressed. Boasting a full vegetarian menu, I was slightly nervous about taking a plunge with the mezze platter when I had no idea what half the items were on the menu, but every single thing was absolutely delicious and mum and I were fighting over the last marinated cashew! We also went to a street cafe for brunch and it was lip smackingly good, but I’ve forgotten what its called and I’ve honestly just spent over an hour searching for the blooming name of the place and for the life of me I can’t find it. So you’ll have to stumble upon it yaselves, soz.

In the evening we found a lovely french bistro called Il Bistro situated deep in The Lanes, however I have to say most places look beaut and I think most would be a safe bet. I had chicken in a blue cheese sauce off the specials board and it came with some potatoes that were cooked in so much butter/oil that tasted like heaven on earth. We sat there for hours with sangria and didn’t feel pressured to order anything else or leave and it was the perfect place the spend an evening.


All in all it was the perfect little weekend getaway and you all need to visit…. every single one of you. 



  1. Honestly Aine
    August 30, 2017 / 11:41 am

    I’ve just recently moved away from Brighton and this has really made me miss it again! I will have to go back for a visit again soon. Brighton has something going on all of the time, so it’s always nice to visit I reckon. Also all of the food places, you don’t realise how many until you move away!

    Honestly Aine

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