Wedding Outfit Dramas

Wedding Outfit Dramas

So today something pretty damn exciting happened, I got bumped up to a day guest at a Christmas winter wedding. Yep you heard right 2 of my most favourite things (apart from gin and cheese) combined.

After doing a little happy dance, calling my mum and then dreaming about what I’d done to deserve this invite, 2 panic’s set in:

How much weight can I lose in 15 days

And what the bloody fucking fuck am I going to wear (soz about the swearing mum, but I thought it was necessary)

In answer to the first one, probably nothing, not even one single lb. I’ll probably put on weight if I’m honest, we are in December after all, but one can try to shift something….. as long as it doesn’t mean that egg diet again, please Jesus, nooooo!

Now the outfit saga. I’ve been to a few weddings and outfit choosing is always a stress, however adding winter into the mix really makes things hard. The shops are full of Christmas party dresses atm, not pretty wedding dresses. Then comes everything else, what coat do I wear, is fur too much? do you wear a hat to a winter wedding, tbh would probably rather wear a bobble hat, but that’s definitely not allowed. Would floral be acceptable, but not summery floral? Light colours are a no go and I think I’m going to have to go with something with a sleeve, oh the list goes on. All of these thoughts happened within about a 4 second window and haven’t stopped since swirling around in my head since. I definitely won’t sleep well tonight.

So rather than dwell, I headed straight over to my bae asos and started putting some bad boys into my saved, because that’s how I deal with every issue in my life. I’ve rounded up some of my favourite options and I now feel a bit better about things/life

Silver grey premium embroidered midi dress £85

Isn’t this just darling, pretty enough to say wedding, with a nice sleeve to keep you warm. Paired with navy blue and gold accessories, this one is a definite contender – although there may be bra issues, damn you oversized assets.

Kimono Plunge Midi with Splits £32

This one may be a bit casual as it is jersey, but I’m imagining it sassed up with some big accessories and a statement bag – namely my sparkly river island beaut

Gold Floral off the shoulder Bardot Midi Prom £68

Now this is the sort of Winter floral I’m talking about – lovely autumnal tones, perfect length and the Bardot style is just the one right now.

Chi Chi London Premium Lace Midi Dress £75

What a pretty little thing. I love the layering of it, but I’m not too sure about the yellow, too summery?

Bird and floral Embroidered Shift Dress £65

Weddingy enough? I’m not sure, delightful enough? 100% yes with a lovely pair if gold or rose gold heels. I will obvs order it anyway so I can prance around mum’s bedroom in it, then decide from there.

Chi Chi London Lace Overlay Dress £68

Its christmas and its a wedding, therefore I had to add a little red number into the mix. The perfect combo of lace, red and a dropped neckline make it an ever so desirable wedding choice. NEED

Emerald Embellished Shift Dress £66.50

This dress is what dreams are made off and I want it in my life…….. But they only have a size 6, wah, wah, wah, all the way home. I may be able to lose some weight before the wedding but not that much! I had to add it on the list though, because it is so dreamy.

Embellished Crop Top Midi Skater Dress £55

I am LOVING the embellishment on this beast and although it’s light in colour, once again it would look cracking with a navy shoes and bag combo.

Premium Fold Scuba Cape Floral Midi Prom £75

The word scuba fills me with all the fear, but this looks so pretty on the hanger and the pattern is just too adorable for me to ignore. It looks ever so elegant and I’m all over that.

I do hope you enjoy browsing these beauts as much as I have looking for them. If you’ve got any winter wedding outfit ideas for me, then hit me up in the comments below.



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