Why I hate Hangovers

Why I hate Hangovers

I’m currently sitting in the bath questioning all of my life choices over the past 24 hours…….. Because I’m meant to be having a lovely afternoon in the sunshine with my friends, however my head feels like it’s about to roll off my body into some sort of hell’s lair because I’m so hungover. If you’ve seen my other alcohol related blog posts such as Stoptober God Help Me Why Alcohol is Good For My Soul and Happy national hangover day you will know me and ethanol have got a thing gorn on.

Last night consisted of me falling over, dancing like a loony and losing my flat keys (you go Glen Coco).

Unfortunately I’m an all or nothing sort of gal, this can work in my favour on occasions however NEVER when it involves a night out and alcohol, because I just can’t seem to stop, although I know I should. I have a couple of G&T’s and I think I’m the fucking wolf of Wall Street, balling out money like its going out of fashion. “Right I’m buying shots….. All the shots, hey, you random male over there, you want a shot? Woman on the dance floor, you want a shot?” Sorry but who do I think I am!?!?

Wait, I’ve gone off point a bit here, but here are the main reasons that hangovers are not the one.

1. I daren’t check my bank balance for over a week, because obviously by then enough time has passed for my recent transactions to be sainsburys  and Asos, not Cuba rev’s and bar 11….. oh kill me now.

2. I want to eat all of the food, like ALL of it, all of the time and that’s just not attractive or necessary I hasten to add! I Easily put on 12 stone after all the drink, then the cheesy chips and then whatever I can fit in my mouth the next day.

3. I look back through my camera roll and realise that my sassy hair and lipstick was actually no, just no. No wonder the toilet ladies always look at me funny….. They are whispering in their head “please don’t put another layer of lipstick on, I beg you” at the time it just feels like the right thing to do ya know?

4. I overanalyse everything I said a did that embarrassed me and realise, hang on, that was the whole night, then I want to crawl back under the covers and die a little bit more.

However, with all of the above in mind, I won’t stop because, well I don’t really know why but I never will and it is rather fun, isn’t it?

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