Why Valentines is not my bae

Why Valentines is not my bae

Erm sorry, but can’t I just start by saying how the bloody hell is it February already? Why haven’t I been to the gym everyday as promised and why don’t I look like a goddess?

Right, now don’t you all start reading this and thinking I’m a bitter and twisted old spinster and that alone has helped formed my opinion on valentines… because even if I was smitten kitten I’d feel the same.

****sidenote Dominos have just text me…. HOW DO THEY KNOW****

Sorry, back to it. Who loves to be loved? ME and I’m sure you all do too, so why the bloody hell should we wait for 1 day of the year (decided by Hallmark) to tell one another that we love each other. You know what, if you love someone tell them as often as you bloody can, go on date nights or surprise someone on 24th July rather than on the same day everyone else is “surprising” their partner. You shouldn’t have to be reminded to love.

However although I begrudge to admit this I spoke to my pal about it today and he did give me some food for thought, why do we celebrate anything? Birthdays? Christmas? Mothers Day? The answer to that I think is down to the individual I suppose. Presents, bloody lovely, but what I love most is spending time with my family (and more importantly getting drunk with them)  and those celebrations remind you to do that, because time just seems to disappear in a weird scary voldemort manner.

You know what I do love though, care, thought and sentiment. If you want to celebrate Valentines day, why don’t you make someone something, it sure as hell means more than some shitty garage flowers! Buy someone their favourite chocolate and hide it under their pillow, make a date night voucher booklet, or just write down 10 or 20 or even 50 reasons why you love someone, because that’s nice isn’t it?

I leave that thought with you my little gems….

disclaimer by no way am I encouraging you not to buy your other half a card because they might just have a shit fit and I’m definitely not being held responsible for that!




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