With a Little Help From my Friends

With a Little Help From my Friends

On Friday of last week I finally pressed publish on a blog post, of course if you need to catch up, you can find it here. It took me a fair few hours to write, a few more on research and I spent ages looking for a photo to perfectly encapsulate the blog post.

I only ever post blogs that I’m really proud of and that I think are worthy to be projected into the ‘real world’. You only need to check my drafts tab to see 36 posts sitting there that I have felt aren’t good enough to be posted or need a little more work.

Once I’d pressed post I got to work on promoting said blog post, I copied a link to Facebook and tried to come up with a witty, enticing caption to draw people in. I plastered the link on twitter and made sure I got something up on Instagram too and it all takes bloody ages.

Then I waited with excitement….

will this be the blog post that goes viral?

To say it had a mediocre response for the first few hours is an understatement. A handful of likes and comments on Facebook and some views on the ole blog. It felt really disheartening that the support just wasn’t there, especially when I know people are reading it *smug face*. Putting something into the real world is a really daunting and it’s even harder when it lands with a thud and you don’t feel it’s been well received, especially when you’re proud of what you’ve done.

Is it because people think my blog posts are shit? I really hope not because I would be absolutely mortified and not to be a Boasty Belinda, but so many people tell me how much they love reading my blog. I absolutely hate being nice to myself and even writing that line has made me cringe deep into my soul. 

Is it because people are just damn right nosy and they are reading it, but don’t want even me to know, let alone anyone else? If so, that makes me a bit sad. Be proud, be honest, unless we don’t like each other, because that’s just weird if you’re reading all my blog posts and you don’t even like me.

The next day one of my friends shared said blog post and my views soared YAYAYAAYY and all because it meant it was shared with all of my friends Facebook friends and one of her friends enjoyed it so much it was shared again and that is the power of sharing on FB! 2 little presses of the share button and my humble little blog post reaching so many more people. 

In other news…. On Friday night I also wrote a throw-away Facebook status about Janet in Morrisons being a prick. It took me less than a minute to write and my FB went offffff, that’s a slight exaggeration but people were clearly into it. 44 Likes and 10 comments. Obviously I felt smug that it’d got a good response, but I was just left feeling a bit sad. Why do my ‘friends’ go mad over a status that took a minute to write but don’t support me trying to promote my hobby, that I put my heart and soul (and blood, sweat and tears) into which I would love to turn into a business one day?

So really this is me asking you a favour. If you like what you read, please like and comment and if you really love what you read, please press the share button. If you hate what you read it is probably best you keep quiet, because although honesty is the best policy, it’ll make me sad.

We don’t have a second thought over liking or commenting on a picture of our favourite reality tv star, sharing a funny video on Facebook or retweeting something ridiculously funny from some Dick or Harry, so how about we bring it home and spread this out to our nearest and dearest.

Let’s support each other, share posts, discuss questions and comments, whether it is your favourite local blogger (hopefully me), your local independent florist (looking at you dear luna florals) or baby clothes designer (looking at you Beth Smith). It’s the same old story, if you support and individual person or independent business, getting that support makes them do a little happy shimmy and puts a smile on their face.

P.s on the subject of a little help from my friends, thanks to my wonderful and talented friends for helping me come up with this title, without their help it would still read something like “be nice and support your friends”.

P.Ps Photo is courtesy of the insanely talented Abby Kihano from Pexels.


  1. Rhi
    November 14, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    Yasss darl! I love your blogs. Sharing x

    • Ashleigh
      November 14, 2018 / 8:38 pm

      Thanks my babe, we’ve got to share the love and support one another x

  2. Ian
    November 15, 2018 / 8:38 am

    Stick with it Ashleigh, enjoy the fact that you can do it and do it well, feel good that you’ve said what you feel needs to be said and if somebody else ‘likes’ it well hey, that’s just a bonus.

    There have been plenty of times when I’ve read one of your blogs and started to leave a comment but then given up because compared to all the effort you’ve clearly put into writing it, my few words feel insignificant and really wouldn’t do it justice. A one-liner on FB is much easier to respond to, maybe a few others feel the same.

    So, in future I’ll try and leave a comment, even if it does feel inadequate 🙂

    • Ashleigh
      November 15, 2018 / 11:40 am

      Ian, you have always been really supportive of my blogs and your kind words (and words of wit and wisdom) mean an awful lot. You commenting on here is always greatly appreciated too.

      You’re right I do this for me, so need to focus my mind on that in times of doubt!


  3. December 2, 2018 / 11:22 am

    Yes to all of this – I see it all the time with my writing for work too and it can be disheartening when a project I’ve put so much effort in to sell subscribers on the website doesn’t get one, but I get two for something I wrote in five minutes? Ugh. But stick at it! That’s the only way things will improve. For what it’s worth I just found your blog through EE community and I love it and I’ll be sharing the shit out of it

    • Ashleigh
      December 2, 2018 / 6:14 pm

      Thanks so much Michelle! So pleased that you’re enjoying my posts and it so nice to support each other especially in this world when it seems that it’s each for their own!

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