A week of Wonderment: Volume 1

A week of Wonderment: Volume 1

drum roll please…. welcome to my week of wonderment a new little series where I take the time each week (maybe fortnightly depends on how lazy I’m feeling) to get excited about the little things that have made me smile.

Isn’t it wonderful when you take a step back and realise that all those little things that happened throughout the week actually outweighed the shit? I’ve got out of the house this week, I’ve made plans, I’ve got drunk, I’ve spent money but it’s felt nice to feel a bit like me again.

I made friends with a sausage dog

When I say made friends he was 1million percent obsessed with me and it made my day. It was the Tuesday morning after the Bank Holiday so spirits weren’t exactly high. We were walking to work from the train station and said dog was being held by his mummy (not actually mummy, human owner mummy) a few steps ahead and for some reason he looked around and gave me a little look and he obviously liked what he saw because he kept turning round to look at me, deep and meaningful in my eyes looking round…. it happened about 10 times and Jesus H Christ my heart swelled so big I thought I may die.


On the note of animals, the wildlife I’ve seen this week has been bloody lovely. Butterflies, rabbits and even a deer. I’ve picked flowers whilst walking and have felt like the ultimate hippie because don’t tell any one but I sat in a field and played with the daisies and put them in my hair… and what.


This weeks was friends galore. Work friends, old work friends, friend friends and family friends. Gin was involved, more gin was involved and too much food (I’m ashamed to admit I ate out 4 times this week) and I wonder why my bank balance is zero and my waist band is not. How good is it just to talk shit with friend and laugh, friends are good for the soul and I’m so grateful for the wonderful friends I have.


I’m not gonna say I hate exercise, I’m just gonna say that why exercise when you can sit on the sofa with a twirl and a cuppa **read G&T**. I’ve felt so bleuggghh for a very long time, but also felt happy because I know I was loved the way I was, but not by me and now that’s changed I need to get back to being me. The past few weeks I’ve got myself out of the house for walks and runs and it’s been pretty refreshing. Feeling the air in my lungs and wandering through wildlife and flowers and all pretty things has been pretty special and have given me some much needed thinking time. It has also made me hot and bothered on more than too many occasions.


The Calamity Chronicles

Just because I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have numerous dramas, so i thought I’d give you a glimpse of the balance and the countless fuck ups this week.

That cup of tea I practically threw over myself, the bed and my pjs.

I got lost in the woods and then decided to recreate some horror movie in my head and was sure some man was going to appear with an axe and cut me up like a pasty.

Leaving my handbag in the middle of the car park – don’t ask me how I did it, I just did okay? I didn’t even realise until I got home and then went to get my bag out of my car… well done Ashleigh, good job.

And of course the food that was dropped down my clothes every single meal I’ve eaten.

What wonderfulness have you been up to this week? Have you had any calamaties?

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  1. June 4, 2018 / 2:27 pm

    This is such a lovely idea for a post Ashleigh. Awww that sausage dog sounds the cutest ?. Yay for friends and tasty food! Walking is such a great way to keep fit and admire your surroundings. The calamity chronicles made me giggle. I can’t wait to read your next week of wonderment ? xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

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