Week of Wonderment: Volume 4

This week has been a funny one, it started on a low and it’s been a bit up a down all week. Therefore, I’ve decided to focus on the little things (in the words of 1D) that have filled me with joy this week.

Pot Hole Joy

**SADNESS ALERT** The road near my parents house has been full of crater shaped potholes for as long as I can remember and I’m not saying I’m a bad driver I just sometimes take roundabouts and corners at a speed which is not ok hun. On Friday I was doing just that and then as usual reached the pot spot and thought shit and slammed on the brakes, however praise the lord the road had been resurfaced and the holes of doom were no more, winner.


A wonderful day spent in the capital with people I love. Yes, I may have paid £15 for two gin and slimlines, but when in Rome I suppose. Not only did we catch a show (School of Rock) we also ate a Subway (chicken and bacon ranch on Italian herb and cheese with extra cheese for the win) which I haven’t had in forever and went to a little Italian place and ate pizza (with a stuffed ricotta crust no less) and cheese and meats and pineapple jam and it was A-OK.

I spent the train journey home melting into the train seat as the air con wasn’t working, but also spent the journey laughing and talking, looking for slogan t-shirts and looking at honeymoon destinations (obvs not for me) and it was dreamy.

Family Time

I decided to spend this weekend at Mum and Dad’s and it definitely did not have anything to do with the fact that it was 5 degrees cooler on the coast…..

Friday was a lovely family day with lunchtime white wine spritzers, halloumi and mozzarella and spending time with my perfect little niece. Saturday I saw the grandparents and spent the evening with my Auntie and Uncle and yes, more halloumi was consumed.

What a Time to be Alone

I love books and I love reading, however what I like more is looking at a book cover or hearing reviews and deciding that “I must have it because it will change my life”. Generally after said book is bought I flick through the lovely smelling pages, promise myself I will read it instantly (probably in 4 days) and then will proceed to leave it next to my bed for the rest of my life.

Mand the wonderful woman that she is presented me with the above book on Friday and after rejoicing over the graphics of the cover I opened the book and was hooked. I’m already about 20 pages in…. probably because there are very few little words on a page and it is funny and enlightening and just what I need right now. With quotes like “try not to be a prick” and “IT doesn’t get any better. You do” I think me and this book are going to get along just fine.

Dogs in Casts

I feel I’m being pretty misleading because the heading suggests I have seen multiple dogs in casts this weekend, however, alas, that is a lie. Although I have seen one Grey/Fawn French Bulldog in a blue sparkly cast and I’m pretty sure nothing about can make this story better, oh wait, it can….. HE WAS CALED IAN.

Cards in the Post

I got home on Sunday and there was a card in my post tray. Weirdly I’m at that age where I’m still so into getting mail, especially when the address is handwritten. Sure, it’s usually a bill (like that time I opened a £1,300 service charge bill on my birthday), but I still like the excitement of it. I knew this was a card and assumed it was for my birthday, but opened it anyway and it was a card from someone saying they were thinking of me and it gave me a reason to smile. So thank you, you know who you are.

Baby Love

I got to meet one of my best friend’s baby on Sunday and I’m head over the heels over the moon in love with him and his squiggly little cheeks, soft hair and long little feet. My friend also looked so beautiful she wouldn’t have looked out of place in bloody vogue. I’m not going to say much more because it’s not my news to tell but all I will say is I’m feeling the love.

I’ll end on a high for you and give you a little insight into my stupidity…. I came out of the house today and my car boot was open. I had left it open all night and I’m struggling to work out how you manage to not notice something like that. Oh well, it had not been stolen, the items inside hadn’t been stolen and it hadn’t been raining all night so it could have been worse!

Here’s to next week.


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