Your Monday Motivation

Sistas, just a little something, something to help you get through the week, because we all need that bit of Monday Motivation don’t we?

I’ve been a bit lazy this week and although I have bought some great little clothing bits and bobs I want to take some snaps before I present them to you bunch of beauts. So, I was looking for some inspiration yesterday when my friend spotted an App on my phone that I’ve never seen before in my life. It’s called snap and when I opened it, there were all these amazing clothing pieces from all the shops including, River Island, ASOS (my bae), New Look and all other hotties. However this number popped up and it was from M&S, yes, you heard me right.

It’s ruffly (is that a word?) and I’ve just got this feeling that they are going to suddenly take off in A/W season and people will forget how they ever lived without them in their wardrobe.

I have been feeling the ruffles for a while and saw a slouchy, grey jumper from H&M which I fell in love with, but looked at the price and it was £59.99 (excuse me, what the hell do you think you’re playing at H&M), so I swiftly removed that item from my basket.

I’m going to order this little gem (Don’t tell my Mum though) because I need it, I know I say that about a lot of things but it is sexy and sassy and would look great with a jean, or under a pinafore dress. Oh look I’ve talked myself into it.

It’s actually a steal at £29.99 and without the threat of sounding like my mother, M&S do make their clothes well don’t they, so it will probably last a while, even with me spilling lunch down it every time I wear it. Soooooo click the link below and buy the bitch….. and thank me later.


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