Zara Monday Motivation

Zara Monday Motivation

Forgive me lord….. for I have damn well sinned. Last week I bought 5 new items of clothing, yes I said 5 **hangs my head in shame when looks at bank account, whilst secretly sassily dancing around the living room** 2 of them feature today and the other 3 may make a glamorous appearance next week… oh bloody hell, I’ve just counted again and realise it’s 6, so, so naughty!!!!!! Half were in the sale though, actually no, 2 items were in the sale, that s still 33.33333% though, right?

I know that some of you beauty’s are having a serious issues with the return of velvet, due to the fact you were forced to wear it as a 7 year old and your life has never been the same since, but I am embracing that bad boy return and at my last wardrobe count 3 soft, touchy, lovely velvet items have been purchased. I do however wish I could find that lovely velvet headband I used to wear in the 90’s because I would quite happily bring that back as a vintage number….. although it may not fit on my 26 year old head.

I somehow fell into Zara last week on my lunch break for a browse *eye roll emoji* and they have so much nice stuff in there I CAN NOT HANDLE IT! Their stuff sometimes doesn’t fit me well, so the intention was to scoop up a few goodies, try them on at home and then only keep 1 item….. well, we all know how this ended, I kept all 3.

I do think all items were a bargain, dress was £19.99 and shirt £25.99 so that obviously helped me justify the decision to keep them. I teamed the delicious velvet dress with the embroidered shirt on top, just because I was feeling sassy, but they obvs both work perfectly on solo missions.

Links below if you fancy a browse, would be rude not to really:







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